• Dubai skyline

    Renting in Dubai: The Must Know End To End Process

    Selecting a flat or apartment for renting in Dubai can be quite daunting due it being a fairly complicated process. This article will give you a detailed step by step process on what’s required. Selecting Rental Location The first step is to narrow down your search to a few Dubai neighbourhoods based on the following criteria: Type of property required…

  • Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeriah in Dubai

    Dubai – What You Really Should Do When You Visit

    As someone who has visited Dubai several times as a tourist, and now lives there, I have written the ultimate travel guide for Dubai, which includes the all the top attractions, plus some local knowledge. The best time to visit Dubai is between November and March. “If I’d learnt one thing from travelling, it was that the way to get…

  • Arabian Wealth

    Is Dubai Fake Or Is The Criticism Really Unfair?

    To many of its detractors, Dubai is just a fake and uninspiring city. Even though this small Emirate has managed to completely transform itself from a small Arabian port to the ultimate holiday destination over a very short period of time, to many it remains a ‘mirage in the desert’. So is it fair to call Dubai fake or a…

  • Dubai highway road full of cars

    Driving A Car In Dubai: What You Need To Know

    Driving a car in Dubai can be quite daunting, as you’ll have to deal with very different driving conditions compared to what you’re used to back home. The drivers in Dubai can be erratic and irrational, and the layout of the roads can be quite confusing. Nevertheless, most people are able to adjust very quickly and hopefully this comprehensive guide…

  • Dubai houses

    Dubai: The Best Housing Options For Expats

    With so many housing options to choose from in Dubai, it can be quite difficult to select the right neighbourhood to live in. Choosing the correct location to live depends on personal circumstance (e.g bachelor, couple, family of 4 etc.). It’s recommended to live close to your children’s school and/or your office, to minimise the overall commute. The right neighbourhood…

  • Palm Tree with Burj Al Arab in the background

    The Ultimate Must Read Guide For Moving To Dubai

    There are a number of things you need to do and know prior to moving to Dubai. This comprehensive must read guide will make you aware of everything to ensure you’re appropriately prepared and ready for the challenge ahead. Hopefully it will make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. Below is the ultimate checklist of activities that need…

  • Dubai Marina view

    How To Find Your Dream Job In Dubai

    Finding a job in Dubai is a difficult task, especially in the current climate. However, by being patient, and following the steps below, you will have a great opportunity to achieve your life goal. Early this year I felt I needed a new challenge in life, so I made the crazy decision to change careers and start applying for job roles…